A sea-based, operations friendly enclosed fish farm

The technology is designed for high water flow, low energy consumption and effective operations. Extended Smolt Farm is a pilot plant that has shown measurable effects on fish health, growth and quality.

Aquaculture in harmony with nature

There is easy access for surveillance, testing and feeding.

Fresh water flow from 30 meters eliminates lice.

Aquaculture technology that works

Extended Smolt Farm is a raceway based solution giving an optimal water flow, promoting good fish health.

Our fishfarming solution is based on known technology. Suitable for environment-focused permits.

Extended Smolt Farm - see film

Developed in co-operation with the fish farming industry and experts

«The Extended smolt " technology is developed in partnership with Lerøy Vest and other experts. We combine our experience and knowledge with the expertise of fish farmers and experts in maritime and offshore infrastructure. The sea-based, enclosed fish farm is built in polyethylene and tailored to the growth of juveniles up to 1 kilogram. The plant can be expanded to other uses.

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