Easy access to the fish for inspection, sampling and feeding

Access to the fish is easy through hatches on top of the plant or via camera surveillance. 

Waste management is simplified. Sludge and dead fish are collected in traps in the enclosed plant. This provides good control for further treatment and opportunities for recycling. Energy consumption is low and maintenance and cleaning effort is well structured at the
same time as the polyethylene in the plant facilitates good hygiene.

Benefits for the fishfarmer

  • Reliable operation conditions: water flow, oxygen, light and temperature.
  • Reduced use of resources : energy and maintenance.
  • Less feed waste.
  • Sludge Handling : Increased control and reuse.
  • No escapes.
  • Growth Period of 4 months up to 1000 grams.
  • Production 200 ton twice per year.

Area efficiency

In addition, sea-based fish farms are area-efficient. There is no need for intervention on land. If the plant is moved, all traces of fish farming will disappear after a short period of time.

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