Develop the next generation technology and operations

We have a strong commitment to find new technologies and methods that improve operations in sustainable aquaculture. We prefer to do this in cooperation with the aquaculture industry and research communities, similar to the way we developed the Extended Smolt Farm with Lerøy Vest and others.

Designing, developing and producing new technologies

Preline Fish Farming System design, develop, produce and delivers new technologies for aquaculture. We have been working for over 10 years with enclosed pipe-based fish farming solutions that we believe are going to supplement the current net pen technologies.

 ... for sustainable aquaculture

We are keen to contribute to innovation of the aquaculture industry, both to ensure product quality and to develop an industry that is sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. Our technology and innovation solves specific challenges such as lice, escapes and waste management.

How quickly new technologies are developed depends not only on us but also the authorities. Therefore we are also working actively to influence for a good and sustainable future.

Creating values

“We see great opportunities for our technology within several parts of the aquaculture industry’s value chain!”

Bjørn Bilberg, Managing Director, Preline Fishfarming.

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